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Monthly Competition Prep

Comes with weekly check in, competition meal plan, workout regime, & supplementation guidance, based on your goals & category.



Welcome to the pinnacle of competition readiness with Aesthetic Legendary Fitness’ Monthly Competition Prep. Led by Eric and Nikki Archuleta, this elite package is meticulously crafted to propel you to the forefront of your competitive journey. Tailored for individuals preparing for bodybuilding competitions, bikini contests, or other fitness events, our Monthly Competition Prep is an immersive experience that combines expert training, nutrition planning, and focused coaching.

What Sets Our Monthly Competition Prep Apart:

  1. Comprehensive Training Sessions:
    • Train with the expertise of Eric and Nikki, focusing on physique refinement, stage presence, and performance optimization. Tailored workouts ensure you peak at the right moment.
  1. Nutrition Planning:
    • Receive personalized monthly meal plans designed to fuel your training, enhance muscle definition, and support your competition goals.
  1. Supplementation Guidance:
    • Benefit from expert advice on supplements to complement your competition prep, ensuring peak performance and recovery.
  1. Bi-Weekly Check-Ins:
    • Stay connected with Eric and Nikki through bi-weekly check-ins, allowing for adjustments, progress assessments, and continuous support.
  1. Posing Sessions (Additional):
    • Enhance your stage presence with optional Posing Sessions, perfecting every detail of your presentation under the guidance of our experienced coaches.

Monthly Competition Prep Package – $300:

  • Training Sessions:
    • Comprehensive workouts designed for competition readiness.
  • Nutrition Planning:
    • Personalized monthly meal plans aligned with your competition goals.
  • Supplementation Guidance:
    • Expert advice on supplements to enhance your performance.
  • Bi-Weekly Check-Ins:
    • Regular assessments and adjustments to ensure progress.
  • Optional Posing Sessions (Additional):
    • Perfect your stage presence with specialized posing sessions.

Why Choose Aesthetic Legendary Fitness for Competition Prep:

  • Expert Coaching: Benefit from the combined expertise of Eric and Nikki, both seasoned competitors and trainers.
  • Holistic Approach: Our package addresses all aspects of competition prep, ensuring you are physically and mentally ready for the stage.
  • Individualized Support: Enjoy personalized attention and continuous support as you embark on your competitive journey.

Elevate your competition game with Aesthetic Legendary Fitness’ Monthly Competition Prep. Unleash your full potential, refine your physique, and step onto the stage with confidence. Embrace the journey, and let’s conquer the competition together!


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