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  • ABQ Pristine Masterminds


    Embark on a transformative journey with ABQ Pristine Masterminds, where I, Eric Archuleta, invite you to monthly 2-3 hour live events every first Friday. Experience heartfelt motivation from a dedicated Motivational Speaker, dive into my personal insights as a 7-time NPC NQ bodybuilder, and unravel the secrets of a marketing mindset for your growth.

    For just $99.99/month, gain access to this exclusive blend of motivational talks, Q&A sessions, and in-person networking events. Beyond the monthly gatherings, join our lifetime online community, attend expert-led workshops, and receive continuous education. This isn’t just an event; it’s an investment in your holistic growth. Ready to join us?

  • Booty Pump Class With Nikki


    Join Nikki Archuleta’s Booty Pump Class at Aesthetic Legendary Fitness for a one-hour experience of glute isolation workouts. This high-energy class, specifically targeting and sculpting your glutes, offers a dynamic atmosphere, a variety of exercises, and customizable intensity. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or a beginner, Nikki’s class promises to pump up your glutes and leave you feeling empowered. Join us for the ultimate Booty Pump experience!

  • Boxing & Core Workout Class


    60 Minute Workout Session!

    Join us for a variety of core workouts mixed in with hitting the punching bags and speed bag!

    We rotate between workouts to keep it fun and exciting!

  • Built Booties By Nikki


    Transform Your Glutes in 4 Weeks!

    Unlock the perfect booty with Built Booties by Nikki Archuleta. This exclusive 4-week program features four dynamic Booty Workout Classes designed to target and amplify your glutes. Paired with Nikki’s expert guidance, a specific nutrition program for glute growth ensures your journey is comprehensive and effective. Suitable for all fitness levels, customize the intensity and sculpt, tone, and empower your lower body. Join Nikki at Aesthetic Legendary Fitness for a booty-building experience like no other! Let’s build those booties together!

  • Hair & Makeup


    Unleash your inner radiance with Aesthetic Legendary Fitness’ Hair and Makeup Services by Nikki Archuleta. Tailored for competitors and special events, Nikki’s competitor-centric approach ensures your look aligns seamlessly with your vision. Choose our Competition Glam package for stage-ready beauty or inquire about our Event Elegance services for any special occasion. Let Nikki transform your beauty regimen into a moment of empowerment.

  • Sale!

    Legendary Nutrition

    Original price was: $49.99.Current price is: $24.99.

    Grab the digital copy of Legendary Nutrition & Receive 50% off any purchase of the Hard Copy once it’s Released!

    Hard Copy coming out soon at $49.99 anyone buying the Digital Version gets the hard copy for $24.99.

    Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a kitchen novice, “Legendary Nutrition” empowers you to elevate your culinary skills while embracing a healthier lifestyle. Let Eric & Nikki guide you through a world where aesthetics and nutrition coexist, creating a symphony of taste and well-being.

    Dive into the delicious fusion of flavor and nutrition with ‘Legendary Nutrition’ by Eric & Nikki Archuleta. This cookbook is a culinary masterpiece, offering a collection of recipes that make healthy eating a feast for the senses. Whether you’re craving sweet indulgences, savory delights, or refreshing bites, each dish is crafted to elevate your dining experience. Let Eric & Nikki be your guides on this aesthetic journey, where every recipe is a celebration of taste, health, and the joy of mindful cooking

  • Monthly Competition Prep


    Comes with weekly check in, competition meal plan, workout regime, & supplementation guidance, based on your goals & category.

  • Monthly Online Coaching


    Achieve your fitness goals from anywhere with Aesthetic Legendary Fitness’ Monthly Online Coaching. Crafted by Eric and Nikki Archuleta, this $200 package includes personalized meal planning, workout regimes, and bi-weekly check-ins with progress pics. Enjoy the flexibility of online coaching and experience the transformative power of continuous motivation and expert guidance. Unleash your greatness with Aesthetic Legendary Fitness.

  • Personal Training & Coaching


    1 Hour one on one coaching, teaching form, breathing, correct techniques, & focusing on your goals! Free meal planning, supplementation guidance, & bi-weekly pictures!

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  • Posing Sessions


    Elevate your stage presence with Aesthetic Legendary Fitness’ Posing Sessions. Led by Eric and Nikki Archuleta, our personalized sessions refine every aspect of your posing routine, ensuring you showcase your physique with confidence and charisma. Choose from our Essentials, Intermediate, or Complete Mastery packages, priced to empower you on your journey to becoming a posing pro.

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