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Welcome to Aesthetic Legendary Fitness, where the pursuit of fitness excellence meets empowerment, led by the dynamic duo – Eric and Nikki Archuleta. 

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Meet Your Personal Trainers

Welcome to Aesthetic Legendary Fitness, where your fitness aspirations become a reality. Led by the dynamic duo, Eric and Nikki Archuleta, our Personal Training Services redefine the way you approach your fitness journey. Step into a world where expertise meets empowerment, where each session is tailored to sculpting your best self. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned fitness enthusiast, our trainers are dedicated to guiding you towards greatness. It’s time to unleash your full potential and forge a legendary transformation with Aesthetic Legendary Fitness. BE LEGENDARY!


Eric Archuleta


Remember everyone were all in this world to be a Leader…. We all have someone that looks up to us. What we do on a daily basis Determines who we become and who we influence. Give your life to God he will guide you…. Through God’s Will anything is possible. Believe in yourself and your abilities to accomplish your Dreams & Goals, Success has no limits!


Nikki Archuleta

Enjoy where you are right now!
Don’t get caught up in “improving & bettering” yourself, so much, life’s to short, live in the now… I know we can be our worst critic hard work & constancy pays off 
Don’t forget to appreciate the current life you live. Love yourself for the person you are today. Don’t wait to turn into the person you want to be just love yourself as is It’s never to late to make goals!

1 on 1 Coaching

Our tailored sessions provide individualized attention to amplify your fitness journey. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned athlete, our coaches craft a unique plan addressing your goals, preferences, and challenges. Embrace the power of dedicated guidance, motivation, and expertise as you sculpt the best version of yourself with Aesthetic Legendary Fitness.

Home Gym Workouts

Embark on a fitness journey like no other! where our home gym becomes your sanctuary for transformation, empowerment, and community camaraderie. Seize the opportunity to work out in an environment designed to inspire and elevate your fitness experience. Join us at Aesthetic Legendary Fitness, where your fitness goals become a legendary reality.

Workout Plans

Discover personalized workout plans at Aesthetic Legendary Fitness that transcend the ordinary. Crafted by our expert trainers, Eric and Nikki Archuleta, our plans are tailored to your unique fitness goals. Whether you’re sculpting muscle, torching calories, or boosting endurance, our diverse workout regimens ensure a dynamic and effective fitness journey. Elevate your routine and unleash your full potential with Aesthetic Legendary Fitness.

Supplement Guide

Navigate the world of supplements with confidence at Aesthetic Legendary Fitness. Our Supplement Guidance program, led by Eric and Nikki Archuleta, ensures you’re equipped with the knowledge to optimize your fitness journey. From pre-workout essentials to post-workout recovery, we provide expert insights, helping you make informed choices that complement your goals and enhance your performance.

Key Metric Tracking

Embark on a fitness journey with precision at Aesthetic Legendary Fitness, where Key Performance Tracking is a cornerstone of success. Monitor your progress systematically under the guidance of Eric and Nikki Archuleta. From strength gains to endurance improvements, our performance tracking ensures you stay on course, celebrate victories, and continually push your boundaries.

Nutrition Planning

Fuel your success with Aesthetic Legendary Fitness’ Meal Planning services. Crafted by our experienced nutrition experts, including Eric and Nikki Archuleta, our meal plans are designed to align seamlessly with your fitness goals. Whether you’re seeking muscle gain, fat loss, or overall well-being, our personalized meal planning provides the foundation for sustained energy, optimal recovery, and a holistic approach to wellness. Let your nutrition work in harmony with your fitness journey at Aesthetic Legendary Fitness.

Client Success Stories


Big results in a short amount of time. Her goal was to fit comfortably in her bikini in 3 weeks for vacation. She got amazing results & decided to continue training. We are going on 6 months 5 days a week. Her new goal is to continue to stay fit, build lean muscle & do her first bodybuilding competition in “2024” we are excited to get her show ready. She is a hard worker and stays consistent on her diet & workouts. definitely competitive, perfect fit for the sport, also mother of 2 children.


Linda’s fitness goal was to get into shape and live a healthy lifestyle, with no intention of competing in a bodybuilding show. After working with us 4 months later, we saw great results with her physic. We thought she would be a great fit. With her military background,her discipline was on point. This mother of 2 children came in 1st & 2nd place in her 1st NPC BODYBUILDING show. Her abs & Physic came in ridiculous, definitely inspiring.


Josh came to me a year ago and his goals were to get in the best shape of his life and work on getting in Competition shape, Josh has lost 45lbs fat & Added 20lbs of muscle mass, We’re definitely proud of his Progress mentally and Physically Our goal is to be ready for a Competition June 1st 2024 we’re definitely headed in the right direction. Josh definitely has inspired people around him including his kid’s, I’m proud to be his PersonalTrainer/Life Coach


John came to me wanting to put in more Muscle, Within 4 month’s we packed on over 20lbs of lean muscle, He followed the plan Eating all his meals and Guidance with his Supplementation definitely Paid off, I’m proud of his Progress & Hardwork….

Coaching, Meal Plans, & So Much More!

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